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Sun Tzu says: “To win without fighting is the supreme strategy.”

Winter at a Japanese teahouse in Yufuin, Kyushu, Japan.

Remember Judy (2)

As a mere mortal, I turned to selfish clinging,

For your tangible presence to lessen my own sorrow,

Forgetting that may cause you more pain and suffering.

Luckily, GOD decided to call you home, and gave me wisdom to see you still alive in a far better place.

Therefore, I say, ”Wait for me” even if it may take many tomorrows,

For everything henceforth depends on HIS grace.

                  - Khoo Kheng-Hor.

Kunming, China.(above) and below is Judy and I - in mess kit - photo taken during a wedding anniversary.


Somewhere in the Tarako Gorge, Taiwan.